June 10th, 2005

The Librarian

Okay ...

... this whole dark M&Ms thing is getting FAR too cruel. Just came back from an expedition to the Real Canadian Superstore (only local place to dependably stock contaminant-free mascara and fennel toothpaste and I was in need of both); while there I decided to take a peek at their candy aisle ... just in case. Wandered down it and could see, even from a distance, Star Wars characters on the M&Ms bags. But when I got close enough to read the fine print, 'twas all MILK chocolate! ***whimper***

I give up. :-(
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The Librarian


Sometime in the last month or so (can't be any longer ago than that 'cause I looked something up in one of their ebooks in early May), the evil people at University of California Press decided to upgrade their free ebooks section. Thanks to that, li'l JLS has spent the past few evenings repairing 493 dead links in her home booklist. Whee!!!! ***with tongue firmly in cheek*** All fixed now and I've just finished loading the corrections to JLS' Collections, so everything should be functional once again.

On the plus side, the new format for the ebooks is much nicer, with improvements to the book indexes and illustration displays. So I guess I can forgive 'em for doing this without consulting me. This time. :p