June 7th, 2005

The Librarian

From drought to deluge

Weeks and weeks and weeks of dryness has been superseded by several days of fairly steady rain ... and now we have flood warnings popping up all over the place. Am I ever glad I don't live near the river. :p

At least it's a sensible rain, if precipitation can be referred to as "sensible" ... usually after a dry spell, this area gets hit with soaking downpours that erode soil and flow away before the ground has a chance to absorb any moisture (often followed by an off-season chinook that makes things even dryer than they were before the rain). This time 'round, it's just been slow, steady showers of varying strength, with long, windless pauses in between that are allowing the water to actually soak into the soil. A bit of a pain right now, with the rivers filling up fast due to the rain falling in the Rockies as well, but the payoff for crops and grazing will be worth it. :-)
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