June 3rd, 2005


^&$@^%#^&* Parcel Delivery Service

And I use the words "delivery" and "service" with tongue firmly in cheek (and impaling stake firmly in hand).

Twice since New Year's, I've had parcels deposited for me at my local postal outlet without ever receiving a parcel pickup notice (in a third instance, the notice eventually appeared two weeks AFTER I'd picked up the parcel, looking as if it'd been lying on a pavement somewhere, being run over by vehicles). If it weren't for companies like Alibris and Amazon sending shipment emails and parcel tracking numbers, I'd never have known they were there (unless, through some miracle, I DID end up receiving the 2nd pickup notice). The above bitchin' doesn't include the mystery Alibris package that was mailed a month after the shipping email was sent to me ... THAT was the supplier's error ***grin***. When I picked up no-notice parcel #2, the postal clerk on duty mentioned that a lot of people in the neighbourhood hadn't been getting their notices (Canada Post delivers the notices, but the contract parcel delivery services are responsible for creating them and getting them into the mail). Last Thursday, I got a shipment email from Amazon ... since packages from them usually take about a week to arrive, last night I went into parcel tracking to see whether delivery was imminent. Imagine my surprise when I read that it had been successfully delivered to me on Tuesday morning!

So tonight I dashed home to see if I could intercept my building managers in their office (no luck ... office locked and dark, which means they were off showing apartments to prospective tenants, somewhere in the complex) in case they'd taken the delivery and somehow forgotten to pass it on, then off to the local postal outlet to see if it was somehow, miraculously, there after all (could have been a miscode in the system). Nada. So had to call the 800 number and report the discrepancy between my reality and that of whoever allegedly delivered my books.

I'm going to put a "missing" notice up in our entryway, just in case some kind soul was being helpful and forgot to pass the thing on, plus I'll leave a note in the office mailbox for the managers for the same reason (although on the couple of occasions that they DID take delivery, the package was in my hands the same day, so it's unlikely that they'd forget). And I suppose I'd better notify Amazon, just in case it somehow ends up shipped back to them, since I CAN imagine some helpful tenant taking it and putting it on top of my mailbox for me ... which is where one leaves no-longer-at-this-address mail to be picked up and re-routed (and the mail is delivered/picked up at noon, so it'd be gone by the time I got home).

What really annoys, as I'm sure you'd all agree, is paying hard-earned money for goodies and then not getting 'em. ***grumblegrumblegrumblegrumblegrumble ... ***
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