May 14th, 2005


Handcrafted optical illusions

Now that I'm back into dabbling in knitting, I've discovered that there's something new and nifty on the scene. It's known as "illusion knitting" or "shadow knitting" and the finished product works like those old-fashioned hologram cards (remember those? Look at 'em straight on and see one picture, tilt them and you see another?). I have NO idea how it's done (and I'm #17 in the hold queue for the public library's how-to book, so I won't know for a while), but I can't wait to find out ... it's most intriguing.

Here's a link to a sample piece, so you can see how it works. This isn't the kind of design I would want to do (it just is a good show-off of the technique), but some of the garments I've seen, with subtle diamond/diagonal patterns that fade in and out, are stunning!

But I suppose I'd better finish works in progress first (or at least one of them! ***GRIN***)