April 30th, 2005



Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is getting rave reviews in the knitting world. Apparently it's not improbable for a spaceship and its occupants to be transformed into cuddly knitting when traveling at high speeds. :D

(I've finished my taxes and this movie is my reward for doing 'em just under the wire. YAY!!!!)
The Librarian



True to the Adams school of writing, the storyline differs somewhat from that of the radio show, the books, and the TV series (all of which differed from each other), while, at the same time, staying the same. All the cast "fit" their characters very nicely (especially Sam Rockwell's deranged Zaphod Beeblebrox ... you can't help liking him, even while simultaneously wanting to beat his skull in with a club with a big nail in it). The Vogons are amazing! The Heart of Gold is beautiful (even if it doesn't look like a sneaker)! And I want one of those guns! (never mind ... you'll understand once you've seen the movie)

Surprise cameo: watch for the original Marvin from the BBC TV series! Plus a fleeting appearance by the face of Simon Jones, the original Arthur Dent on both radio and TV!

Go see it. Resistance is useless! :p

P.S. Now I REALLY want a knitted Marvin!