April 25th, 2005

The Librarian

I think it may really be spring!

And I now need to get rid of "When it's springtime in the Rockies, it's forty below" which started playing over and over in my head as soon as I started typing this. Get rid of it or find the rest of the lyrics online so the whole thing can play mentally instead of just the first couple of lines. :p

Anyhoooooo ... yesterday the tree outside my living room was still in barely opened leaf bud phase, where it's been for the past month. Today the leaves have exploded into halfway open, so I guess, since the only trees out here are smart trees and dead trees, that it's now officially real spring (as opposed to calendar spring, which has nothing to do with what goes on here). Makes one hope very hard that the 5-day forecast is wrong ... one more nice day tomorrow and then we're supposed to suddenly have highs of barely above zero and lows ranging from minus 7 to minus 9 (at least they're not forecasting snow). Mebbe the smart trees aren't so smart after all.

The cold will be inspirational though ... on Saturday dropped into Gina Brown's to see if they had jelly yarn yet (even though I'd never actually want anything knitted out of it, I'm quite curious about how it handles, which is why I'll happily make a lace sample for anotheranon if I ever get my hands on any) ... ended up walking out with six skeins of this scrummy stuff (six skeins was all they had, otherwise I would have bought more). Just bought it 'cause I liked the colour (and the kitten-fur softness of it), and made a happy discovery when I got it home ... it's a perfect match to the linen I'm very slowly making pants from! (I HAVE replaced the zipper I wrecked ... that's progress, no?) There's not enough for an actual sweater, but I'm pretty sure I can squeeze this out of it. :-)

Also read, and thoroughly enjoyed, library copy of Women Sailors and Sailors' Women, by David Cordingly, this weekend ... I'm 99% sure that anotheranon recommended it a while back (I borrowed it because the title rang memory bells when I saw it on the shelf), and a much appreciated recommendation it was! :-)

Now gotta do something about that dinner thing ... my stomach has suddenly just realized how long ago lunch was.