March 3rd, 2005

The Librarian

Interesting ...

"Hobbit" fossil may be from separate human line

I shall have to do some further digging, since I'd like to see the fossils themselves, not just the computer image of the brain comparison. Hopefully the Internet shall yield piccies somewhere ... :-)

UPDATE: Google and ye shall find :p According to this one, island dwarfing IS being considered as possible explanation ... I was surprised that that known effect of island dwelling wasn't mentioned in the Globe & Mail story (it was the first thing I thought of while reading it).

Another one done!

Have just finished whipping up a new sleep shirt (McCall's 4317, lower right view) ... one more project finished! Had noticed that several pieces of my sleepwear were showing their age ... one was developing a scattering of tiny pinpoint holes all over the fabric, and another, the most ancient of all, while still in one piece, will someday pass the read-a-book-through-the-fabric test (just goes to show that there is a wide range of quality in 100% cotton t-shirt knits ... many younger garments have come and gone, while the most ancient has hung in there, getting thinner and thinner, but never actually disappearing). I've been carrying on with my current batik binge (I figure enjoy it while it's in fashion) ... cotton t-shirt knit in a reversed batik (an off-white background with multi-brightly-coloured swirls all over it, instead of the usual wax-resist light design on a dark-dyed background ... unfortunately I can't find any online images that resemble it).

And two of the local fabric stores ... EVIL EVIL THINGS!!!!! ... had sale flyers in my mailbox when I got home from work tonight. I think there's a conspiracy of some kind going on ... and I LOVE it! :-)

P.S. Still can't find an online image match ... so use your imagination on this sample ... use your mental crayons to colour the background an off-white and the design in rich, jewel-toned purple, jade, orange, turquoise, and gold, with pastel hints of those colours running into the off-white background. I know you're all clever little tykes ... you can do it!
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