February 10th, 2005


More stuff ...

... that desperately needs to be released on DVD.

Brazen Hussies: I can't even think of the back waxing scene without giggling (and it took three tries to type "giggling" in this, due to thinking of it)

Personal Services: memorable for portraying prostitutes as women trying to earn a living ... no moralizing, no glamorizing. One of those quiet British films that moves slowly, yet makes an indelible impression on your brain (it's available in the region 2 zone, but not here!)

Puckoon: because the brilliant Spike Milligan's one and only novel is something I've read over and over without a trace of boredom. I just wanna SEE it!!!

When We Are Married: three turn-of-the century couples, who were married on the same day at the same church, get together to celebrate their mutual 25th wedding anniversary ... and discover that their marriages were never legal. Delightful and witty drawingroom comedy.

Up Pompeii: I want every bleedin' episode ... I adore Frankie Howerd!

The Belles of St. Trinian's: And the rest of the St. Trinian's films as well. Inspired by a series of schoolgirl cartoons by Ronald Searle.

And, like last time, I'm sure I'll think of more, as soon as I hit the "update journal" button. :p

Brace inspired?

Just cracked open a newly purchased issue of Australian Stitches, only to see, on page 1, a full-page ad for Kai 7000 Series professional tailoring shears! (scroll down a bit to see 'em) Am now having weird thoughts of dead assassin dressmakers. Mebbe that's the real reason behind the skinny-model-syndrome ... the dead don't do curves. :p