February 4th, 2005

The Librarian

Emigrated from timcharmorbien and anotheranon

My Renaissance Village by Saphyne
Country your village is in
Your village is really more of asmall city
The best thing to ever happen there:DaVinci chose your town to be the testing site for his newest invention!
The worst thing to ever happen there:Hoof-and-mouth disease took out all of the sheep.
The richest SOB in the village isbarong
The tax collector isemerald14
The sheriff isshemhazai
The town priest ishadesgirl
The town prostitute isanotheranon
The village idiot ismjpg
Chance that everyone will die of the plague: 39%
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The Librarian

And from tommdroid

You Are 60% Femme and 40% Butch!

80 - 100% Femme - You're the girly girl of the century. Or Clay Aiken.

60 - 79% Femme - Girl? Almost certainly. If not, you've got some major man boobs going on.

40 - 59% Femme - Girl or guy? Even your best friends can't figure this one out.

20 - 39% Femme - You are likely male, or the toughest, scariest lesbian around.

0 - 19% Femme - You are 100% male. You make cowboys look like pussies.

How Butch or Femme Are You?

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