January 8th, 2005


Highlights from the latest AALT "Well of Useful Information"

Canadian science at: Science.ca

Useful cooking information at: The Cook's Thesaurus

Multilingual access to United Nations documents online (newly opened to the public on Jan. 1, 2005) at: Official Document System of the United Nations

One stop shopping for international and comparative national statistics at: NationMaster

How English ended up so weird and illogical at: Online Etymology Dictionary

A search engine for video and audio news clips from TV and radio at: BlinxTV

Free online crosswords and other puzzles at: Crossword Puzzle Games

Home from the ULS dinner/dance

Fun & silliness & nice to see everybody fancied up instead of in their usual work grubbies & half asleep ***grin***. I had a good night ... won the floral centrepiece from my table (my chair had the snowman sticker on the underside). Also won a laser level, which might not sound exciting to most of you, but it's a tool I'd been contemplating buying, so I'm happy. The company once again had paid for a photographer to take souvenir portraits of everybody, plus we did a few departmental group pictures and one grand group photo of the 50 or so staff who were present. :-)

And now am home, having survived the icky, icy, heaven-forbid-we-should-plow-them-when-a-chinook-will-come-eventually-and-melt-the-snow streets, and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. I think we need more weekends in the year ... they feel great!
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