December 29th, 2004


Revamping the bathroom

Went to the new IKEA yesterday and treated myself to something I've been coveting for my medicine-cabinetless bathroom ... the Toftan/Stolmen bathroom storage unit (in white, not the fluorescent orange ***grin***). Trust IKEA to come up with something to fit my poorly designed bathroom; poorly designed, in this case, includes stupid things like installing the light switch dead centre in the only patch of potentially useful wall, instead of sensibly next to the doorframe where it would be more easily found by a searching hand ... the idiot in charge also planted the toilet paper dispenser dead centre on this same wall (when there were at least two other location options), meaning that one can't even fit a small traditional storage unit BELOW the switch (the over/behind the toilet unit that we used in Lethbridge is rendered useless here because there is a towel rack fastened to the wall over the toilet.

But the wonderful Tolsten/Stolmen lets me position its various cabinets, etc. around the light switch, toilet paper, etc., and have storage, STORAGE, STORAGE without taking up so much floor space that one is forced to clamber over the toilet to get to the bathtub. :-)))))

I fantasize that one day I'm going to get my hands on all the people who designed apartments, ESPECIALLY the bathrooms and kitchens, in the seventies (the era of my building and of other apartments I have lived in) and force them to live in their own creations, without recourse to IKEA or remodeling. That fantasy makes me smile as I assemble the next little cabinet to go onto the pole ...

UPDATE: Have just realized that this sucker includes a toilet paper holder ... think I'll just unscrew the "official" one from the wall and stash it somewhere, which will let me put the BIG cabinet down at the bottom of the pole (otherwise, the only place it can go is the top, where I'd rather have the smaller ones). IKEA rules!!!!!!
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Every once in a while ...

... one comes across a dedication (well, sort of, anyway) that's so good, one can only hope the rest of the book lives up to its promise:

"And in the "No thanks" department, a dishonorable mention to Igmoe, my iguana, whose constant attempts to mate with me throughout the writing of this book were enough to drive me to distraction, though they did keep the days exciting. And I was flattered. I do love you, Igmoe, just not in that way."

from the Acknowledgments page of "Casting Shadows," by Jeanne Cavelos.