December 27th, 2004

The Librarian

Happy first day off to me!

My body is very confused ... it kept trying to wake me up. :p Eventually it won, but only because I let it ... and because the sun was finally up! 'twas -20 outside when I first awoke ... now that I'm showered and caught up on email, LJ, headlines and daily essential comics fix (the linklist is on my LJ homepage, if you want to know what I consider "essential"), it's warmed up to a balmy -15. A good day for a hot choccie and bacon late breakfast, methinks! :-)
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Off to the fabric shops today, with legitimate excuse ... I discovered last night that I didn't have any black lining fabric left and needed some for my vest. Mission accomplished ... picked up 4 metres of lining (that's one thing I'll always use, so it's worth buying in quantity) at Fabricland. While waiting in line at the cutting table (it was a sale day ... it's ALWAYS a sale day at Fabricland, I suspect), I spotted, among the flashier batiks, some magenta-on-magenta tie-dyed cotton, so bought 3 metres of that, with the notion of adding a long-sleeved shirt to my wardrobe. While in line at the cash desk, had a nice chat with a woman (in her sixties) who was just learning to sew and was just thrilled by the whole fabric store experience. :-)))))

Then off to Sewing Sensations (just down the street from Fabricland and across the street from Fanny's Fabrics) because I'd decided I wanted to jazz up the magenta tie-dye a bit. This shop, because it markets to quilters and machine embroiderers, has a far wider selection of variegated sewing threads than the other fabric shops. So now have a spool of shiny blue/purple/fuschia stuff for top-stitching. :-) Also picked up the newest (to North America, anyway) issue of Australian Stitches there ... the cover story is (ATTENTION anotheranon!!!!!) a "road test" of Vogue 2556, an Issey Miyake design. (intriguing looking dress ... I may have to go pattern shopping).

Outside of all this fabric mania, got well into To Marry an English Lord, kindly loaned to me by anotheranon ... FASCINATING stuff and I plan to carry on reading as soon as I'm finished this post.

Oh, and a P.S. Something interesting spotted while flipping through Stitches to see what other yummy articles were in the issue. My Virtual Model is a site that lets you enter your measurements, etc. to create a virtual body model that can be used to see how a garment will look on you while e-shopping. A list of e-stores using the system is available onsite.
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A treasure found on the Internet Sites page of my new issue of Australian Stitches. Sewgeeky is a hilarious online sewing journal, featuring ongoing projects and a "Confession Booth" for sewing sinners (if you click on the link, under the confession blank you'll see a link that says I don't have anything to confess, but I want to read everyone else's! A little light confessional reading will make you feel absolved for any project you've neglected or taken a shortcut on ***GRIN***