December 26th, 2004


Holiday sewing report

Yesterday was a self-declared goof-off day for me, but today I did get a bit done on the project front. A lot of pattern pieces and fabric pressed. Got brave and did the scary (and frays at lightspeed) one first ... I cut a vest out of the butterfly satin that I purchased in late November. Then wrestled with assembling the pattern piece (comes in three sections, which must be taped together into one big piece ... in a dry climate the tissue tends to be very staticky and clings to everything except the place you'd like it to) for the long-sleeved version of the Miyake twist-front top. The fabric is a soft-to-touch, reversible (essential for this pattern) dark charcoal knit, with glittery bits of red/fuschia and turquoise and silver in it. Since my trestle table isn't big enough to lay the entire thing out flat, it'll have to be pinned in sections (which is why I'm sitting here typing, psyching myself up for it ***grin***).

Next up ... disassembling the brown linen jeans that I got 2nd-hand for $5 in the spring ... literally wore 'em to death (although I'm sure the previous owner made her own contribution) because they fit so well (peeks at tag ... "Jones New York" for those to whom labels have meaning). I'll be using the disassembled pieces for a pattern, duplicating the originals with some of the cranberry linen I bought ... I'm sure the Miyake top will go well with them. :-) For the rest of the linen ... well, haven't decided yet. Shall just have to see where inspiration takes me.

Have also accomplished a bit of knitting, with my inspiration being a new workplace that actually gets cold enough to allow me to wear sweaters. Have unearthed my stash of Mesa yarn (no longer being manufactured), for which I have been seeking a pattern that really suits it (I have large amounts of black and pale gray, both colours having matching small variegated sections in dark gray, which means a pattern worked with both will have areas that blur together). The pattern I've finally settled on is a black sweater with wavy gray stripes running from cuff to cuff, up the sleeves and across front and back like a yoke. If I get bored with working on that, I also have a stash of jade green fluffy yarn, intended to be turned into a new 8-foot-long scarf (my old one was an experiment, knitted in cheap stuff that is now pilling badly and looking its age).

And I have reading and movie-watching and home cataloguing to accomplish as well ... somehow I don't think boredom is going to be a part of my life in the next week!
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