December 23rd, 2004


A very good night

Oooo ... oooo ... oooo ... ah! Feels SO good to finally get my contacts out ... been ages since I've worn them anywhere near my allotted fourteen hours. All in a worthy cause though ... out to dinner at Joey Tomato's (chocolate banana bread pudding with rum'n'butter dipping sauce for dessert!!!!! Now I've gotta force myself to let part of the next loaf I bake get a bit stale so I can try making this at home!!!!). Then off to see The Phantom of the Opera. Very VERY good ... over-the-top theatrical and fun! :-))))) A pleasant surprise to see Miranda Richardson as Madame Giry ... haven't seen her in ages and she is SO wonderful in anything she does.

Now have to try to get myself wound down enough to sleep ... only a half day tomorrow, but I should at least SEEM awake during it. :P
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