November 27th, 2004

The Librarian

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I only went out to pick up a hairbrush ...

... (and to collect a library book that was on hold). Trekked up to the north side of the river today because my hairdressers had left a message that they'd found a couple of hairbrushes that met the description I'd given them (I've been wanting something of decent quality and toughness for nightly brushing ... I miss doing that and it's good for the hair and scalp. One was just perfect, so left happily with that and the special conditioner for red hair that they'd also got in for me. Then off to the library ...
But the fabric shops were along the route and I thought I'd nip in and pick up some edge binding for the neckline of my next Miyake twist top. Walked out of THERE with satiny black edging (still not sure if I'll use it or whether I'll bind the edge with satin stitch, but at least I have options now) PLUS milk-chocolate-coloured stretch twill (for making pants) PLUS black Chinese satin patterned with silver/gold butterflies (this is IT!!!! scroll down for a better view) accented in pink, purple, sky blue and lime green (the verso of the fabric is striped in these colours). Thanks to the satin's overwhelming need to unravel, I left a rainbow-coloured, Theseus-like thread trail behind me as I wound through the fabric displays to the cutting table, where static then made it determinedly cling to the staffer who cut it for me ... LOL!!!! It'll make a gorgeous vest.

(I was also waylaid on my route by an organic grocer that I'd heard good things about ... so I thought I'd drop in to explore. Had fun looking around and am currently enjoying my first papaya juice in AGES!!!! MMMMMMYUMMMM!!!!!)

Mmmmm ...

There is something so sensual about an armload of fabric just out of the dryer ... mebbe it's because it feels as if it's giving off body heat ... ***cuddling***
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