November 16th, 2004


From the Cataloguer's Desktop

Y'know those recommended titles lists that Amazon so "helpfully" comes up with, based on the kind of stuff one searches for in their database. After all the booklists I've posted, mine are quite ... amazing ... LOL!!!!!!

Several cookbooks in the bunch this time 'round (public libraries tend to order by subject, so we end up getting the stuff in "clumps"):

Atkins for Life Low-Carb Cookbook : More than 250 Recipes for Every Occasion, by Veronica Atkins.

Gonzo Gizmos: Projects & Devices to Channel Your Inner Geek, by Simon Quellen Field.

Russian Dance: A True Story of Intrigue and Passion in Stalinist Moscow, by Andrée Aelion Brooks.

Digital Fantasy Painting Workshop, by Martin McKenna.

Families of Two, by Laura Carroll.

1812 : The War That Forged a Nation, by Walter R. Borneman. No, this isn't the Canuck harping about the War of 1812 ***grin***; this is an excellent study of the effects of the war on the United States.

Will They Ever Trust Us Again?, compiled by Michael Moore.

We Are All The Same: A Story of a Boy's Courage and a Mother's Love, by Jim Wooten.

All About Braising: The Art of Uncomplicated Cooking, by Molly Stevens.

Frozen Oceans: The Floating World Of Pack Ice, by David N. Thomas.

The Last Knight : The Twilight of the Middle Ages and the Birth of the Modern Era, by Norman F. Cantor.

A Short History of Progress, by Ronald Wright.

The Olive Harvest Cookbook: Olive Oil Lore and Recipes from McEvoy Ranch, by Gerald Gross & Jacqueline Mallorca.

Chef Bobo's Good Food Cookbook, by Robert "Chef Bobo" W. Surles. Although the cover states that this cookbook is aimed towards cultivating healthy food habits in kids, a good flip through it revealed recipes/ideas that will appeal to all ages (example: "ice cream" made by puréeing bananas with a dash of honey, then freezing)

Googie Redux: Ultramodern Roadside Architecture, by Alan Hess.

Beating Back the Devil : On the Front Lines with the Disease Detectives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, by Maryn McKenna.

Manga : 60 Years of Japanese Comics, by Paul Gravett.

Banking on Baghdad: Inside Iraq's 7,000-Year History of War, Profit, and Conflict, by Edwin Black.

I Could Not Speak My Heart: Education and Social Justice for Gay and Lesbian Youth, edited by James McNinch and Mary Cronin.

Trail to Wounded Knee : The Last Stand of the Plains Indians 1860-1890, by Herman J. Viola.

13: The Story of the World's Most Popular Superstition, by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer.

On Intelligence, by Jeff Hawkins and Sandra Blakeslee.

The Ivan Moffat File : Life Among the Beautiful and Damned in London, Paris, New York,and Hollywood, by Ivan Moffat, compiled by Gavin Lambert.

Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader : North Korea and the Kim Dynasty, by Bradley K. Martin.

Naked Airport : A Cultural History of the World's Most Revolutionary Structure, by Alastair Gordon. Cataloguing this title gave me the giggles, because the opening paragraphs of Douglas Adams' The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul kept playing in my head (for those who've forgotten how the book begins, this link is to a "read inside" which includes the bit I'm referring to).

The Unending Mystery : A Journey Through Labyrinths and Mazes, by David Willis McCullough.

A Cow's Life: The Surprising History of Cattle and How the Black Angus Came to Be Home on the Range, by M.R. Montgomery.

Playing with Trains : A Passion Beyond Scale, by Sam Posey.

The Good Fight : Declare Your Independence and Close the Democracy Gap, by Ralph Nader.

The Queen of Education : Rules for Making Schools Work, by LouAnne Johnson. Included because she draws some interesting parallels between schools and workplaces and the behaviours that take place in both.

Interior Desecrations : Hideous Homes from the Horrible '70s, by James Lileks.

Understanding Hinduism, by Vasudha Narayanan.

Love and Sweet Food : a Culinary Memoir, by Austin Clarke.

Microterrors: The Complete Guide to Bacterial, viral and Fungal Infections That Threaten Our Health, by Tony Hart.

Best New American Voices, 2005, edited by Francine Prose, John Kulka, and Natalie Danford.

The Gospel According to Harry Potter: Spirituality in the Stories of the World's Most Famous Seeker, by Connie Neal.

Duveen : a Life in Art, by Meryle Secrest.

Arshile Gorky : a Retrospective of Drawings, compiled by Janie C. Lee and Melvin P. Lader.

Full Bloom: The Art and Life of Georgia O'Keeffe, by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp.

The Devil's Dictionaries: The Best of the Devil's Dictionary and the American Heretic's Dictionary, 2nd edition, by Ambrose Bierce and Chaz Bufe.

Seeing Medieval Art, by Herbert L. Kessler.

Stradivarius: Five Violins, One Cello and a Genius, by Toby Faber.

Pushing the Limits : New Adventures in Engineering, by Henry Petroski. I listed Mr. Petroski's Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design (he's the one who pointed out that the Barbie wheelchair doesn't fit through the doors in Barbie's house) in one of my first booklists ... highly recommended reading!

Heart So Hungry: the Extraordinary Expedition of Mina Hubbard Into the Labrador Wilderness, by Randall Silvis.
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