November 6th, 2004

The Librarian

An emergency site ...

... for those who are feeling the need for a bit of mental superiority (or if you just need a good laugh), take a peek at The David Icke Site. According to Mr. Icke, reptilian aliens from another dimension have been controlling our planet for thousands of years, and he's got the pencil drawings to prove it! (he also says that his "research" has revealed that George Bush produced kiddie porn films featuring bestiality for Ronald Reagan, but fails to specify WHICH Bush he means. Now wouldn't THAT be a fun rumour to drop into a conservative political forum? ***EVIL grin***)

No dears, JLS hasn't flipped out and become a fan of all this ... it's just that she had to catalogue one of this man's books yesterday and figures why should SHE be the only one to suffer?! :p
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Gotta LOVE the competition between Fanny's Fabrics and Fabricland ... got a flyer in the mail that Fanny's was having a big sale this weekend and a phone message from Fabricland saying that so were they (must have found out about Fanny's' plans too late to get their own flyers out ***grin***)

Have acquired a reversible charcoal knit, which shimmers with turquoise, ruby, silver, and other colours, depending on how the light is hitting it ... this one is for the long-sleeved version of the Miyake twist-top. Also got four-and-a-bit metres (asked for four, but was end of bolt and, IMHO, silly and wasteful to trim a dozen centimetres off) of linen in a rich shade halfway between cranberry and rust. :-)))

Plus spare blades for regular rotary cutter, mini-rotary cutter, some spools of thread, buttons, etc. And McCall's 9233; I haven't made pants in ages and needed a good pattern ... some of the linen is earmarked for this.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to go without sleep WITHOUT adversely affecting my health, life or job, so that I can indulge in all this fun stuff!
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