October 29th, 2004


On Tuesday October 26 ...

... the words appeared on the notice board in the staffroom: "Hallowe'en costumes on Friday ... dress as a character from fiction" (BTW, the company Hallowe'en dress-up is optional, not mandatory ... just wanted you to know that there was no management power trip going on ***grin***)

Awfully short notice ... I'd been planning to wear my standard jumper patterned with jack'o'lanterns and black cats. What to do ... what to do. Could grab the good ol' bog coat, whose resemblance to a fantasy/priestly/magicky robe had been remarked upon in Ohio. Wear it over black leggings, black tunic, crimson sash 'round waist. Do something to hair. A little make-up. Wear dangling silver-hand-holding-crystal-ball earrings. But what EXACT character do I claim to be? Pondered this for next couple of days. Then, yesterday afternoon, co-worker who also knits was chuckling over knitted egg-cosies in the shape of tiny sweaters in a pattern book I was cataloguing (and remarking on what fiddly, aggravating work they would be), and I said that I should bring my little knitted rabbit, wearing his turtleneck sweater (which wasn't all that fiddly to make), for her to see. Last night, while hunting out aforementioned rabbit, inspiration struck!

And so, today, I went off to work, dressed as described above, carrying rabbit and, just to prove that I was within the "rules", my copy of L. Sprague de Camp and David Drake's The Undesired Princess & The Enchanted Bunny. Gotta love it when it's one of those rare occasions where Murphy's law works in one's favour instead of against one!

Bonus for the day ... there were a few free preview copies of George Carlin's new book, When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?, in the staffroom today and I managed to claim one! YAY!!!!! Mr. Carlin is DEFINITELY a TREAT!!!!!
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