October 27th, 2004


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And the books KEEP coming!

First and foremost, in honour of Char and yesterday's good news ... MEGAHUGS!!!!!: Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy, by Geralyn Lucas.

A Dictionary of Old Trades, Titles and Occupations, by Colin Waters.

Yoga for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle, by Linda Sparrowe.

The Boundaries of Her Body : a Troubling History of Women's Rights in America, by Debran Rowland.

The Universe and Beyond, 4th ed., by Terence Dickinson.

Ancient Greece : Art, Architecture, and History, by Marina Belozerskaya and Kenneth Lapatin.

Hello, I'm Special : How Individuality Became the New Conformity, by Hal Niedzviecki.

Irresponsible Freaks, Highball Guzzlers & Unabashed Grafters : a Bob Edwards Chrestomathy, edited by James Martin. "Eye-Opener Bob" was one of the great characters of western Canadian journalism (the nickname comes from his newspaper, The Calgary Eye-Opener. The Evil Rick Mercer of his day and just as popular.

The Devil Kissed Her : the Story of Mary Lamb, by Kathy Watson.

Bitten : True Medical Stories of Bites and Stings, by Pamela Nagami.

A Test of Will : One Man's Extraordinary Story of Survival, by Warren MacDonald.

For those who want to get more familiar with Canadian film: One Hundred Years of Canadian Cinema, by George Melnyk, and They Came From Within : a History of Canadian Horror Cinema, by Caelum Vatnsdal.

Raid on the Sun : Inside Israel's Secret Campaign That Denied Saddam the Bomb, by Rodger Claire.

A Life of Creation, by Charlotte Perriand.

Chromophobia, by David Batchelor.

Roman Portraits, by Ludwig Goldscheider and Ilse Schneider-Lengyel.

The Abuse of Beauty : Aesthetics and the Concept of Art, by Arthur C. Danto.

The Natural Guide to Great Sex : Improve Your Love Life with Nature's Alternatives to HRT and Viagra, by Ellen Kamhi.

The Cloud Garden : a True Story of Adventure, Survival, and Extreme Horticulture, by Tom Hart Dyke and Paul Winder.

Branded Nation : the Marketing of Megachurch, College Inc., and Museumworld, by James B. Twitchell.

Spirit and Flesh : Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church, by James M. Ault.

Desert Flower : the Extraordinary Journey of a Desert Nomad and Desert Dawn, by Waris Dirie.

Getting Started With LEGO Trains, by Jacob H. McKee, and Virtual LEGO : the Official LDraw.org Guide to LDraw Tools for Windows, by Tim Courtney, Steve Bliss, and Ahui Herrera (ONE way to cut down on the number of sharp little plastic pieces lying in wait to be discovered by bare feet ***grin***).

A Brief History of the Paradox : Philosophy and the Labyrinths of the Mind, by Roy Sorensen.

The Solid Form of Language, by Robert Bringhurst.

Something from the Oven : Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America, by Laura Shapiro.

French Women Don't Get Fat, by Mireille Guiliano.

The Bog People : Iron Age Man Preserved, by P.V. Glob.

Second Space : New Poems, by Czeslaw Milosz.

Don't Try This at Home, by Dave Navarro and Neil Strauss.

Overruling Democracy : the Supreme Court vs. the American People, by Jamin B. Raskin.

Echo of the Spirit : a Photographer's Journey, by Chester Higgins.

The Roosevelts and the Royals : Franklin and Eleanor, the King and Queen of England, and the Friendship that Changed History, by Will Swift.

Turn on Your Mind : Four Decades of Great Psychedelic Rock, by Jim DeRogatis.

Reversing Osteopenia : the Definitive Guide to Recognizing and Treating Early Bone Loss in Women of All Ages, by Harris H. McIlwain.

Sun Tzu Was a Sissy : Conquer Your Enemies, Promote Your Friends, and Wage the Real Art of War, by Stanley Bing.

Bali, Java, In My Dreams, by Christine Jordis.

Plus, two series (each containing a multitude of titles) that might be of interest:

Very Short Introductions, published by Oxford University Press, provides pocket-sized beginner guides to just about every about every subject under the sun.

Cities of the Imagination, published by Interlink Publishing, are narrative city guides based on literary, art, architectural and cultural history instead of on "tourist attractions".
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