October 26th, 2004


Comedy treasure

While I was setting up my second Web page, I discovered that a few favourites links that I hadn't visited in a while had died. One of those was a Goon Show page, and so, I set out to find a replacement, both for myself and for the page. And the Google gods led me to one far better than the original ... this one includes downloadable episodes of the original show!

The reason this thrills me is that, although I own a few Goon Show LPs, they make up a mere fraction of the 250 episodes that were recorded and broadcast by the BBC. For those who're wondering what the heck the Goon Show is, this is the radio show that the Monty Python gang grew up listening to and were inspired by in their comedy writing/performing. This is where the madness began! Highly HIGHLY recommended listening! :-))))))