October 9th, 2004


A very good day today! :-)))

Met buddy G. for breakfast at Heritage Park this morning (season pass holders can get free pancake & sausage brekkie every Sat. & Sun. out there), then we wandered around the park, exploring new paths. Ventured into the fur traders' community and were treated to some Hudson's Bay Company history, then went for a spin round the complex on the train (they're running a functioning, old-fashioned, coal-fired locomotive, with original passenger cars out there). Such a relaxing way to spend the morning! :-)

Ended the outing with coffee and goodies at the Second Cup, exploring a new shop specializing in home storage (FINALLY found an old-fashioned belt rack hanger in there!!!!) then off to our respective homes as sky getting nasty and black, and pleasant morning temps had devolved into "it feels like it's going to snow" (it didn't, but we got some very cold rain!). Did some further reading of Tom Holt's In Your Dreams, made a scrummy supper that involved potatoes, onions, butter and LOTS of melted cheddar), and am now enjoying a silly blast from my childhood past: The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Feeling VERY unlaxed now. :-))))
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