October 3rd, 2004


Between playtimes with icons ...

... have been diligently slaving away at my home library software and at updating JLS' Collections. All the books that I actually own are now in and listed online, plus quite a few electronic goodies that I found along the way.

New e-book discoveries:

A scanned rare book collection (even Library of Congress lacks some of these!) at the University of Georgia's Hargrett Library, which included three gorgeous volumes on costume ("GT" section).

A pre-Darwin volume on ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs ("QE" section ... BEAUTIFUL plates).

NASA's collection of online publications, which include Viking and Mariner photos ("QB" section) and an atlas of Mercury ("G1000.5").

Plus much MUCH more!

I also handsorted the html document for the LC Call No. list so that HQ1519 no longer precedes HQ18, etc. (darned primitive computer sorting!), so the stuff is now truly in order (let me know if I missed something) and should make a little more sense to somebody scrolling through the list. Have a zillion more e-books to enter, but will wait until I've done a lot before I update the online list again ... trying to keep that manual sorting task to a minimum. :p

Happy exploring!

P.S. The U. of G.'s rare book collection requires the download of some special viewing freeware ... my installation went without a hitch and the books are DEFINITELY worth it.
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