September 30th, 2004


One more evening ...

... at the keyboard and I should have all my books entered in the new software and in the online booklist! WHEEEEE!!!!! Still have a ton o' e-books to enter, but the real 3-D, living-in-my-bookcases part will be complete. :-))))

On keyboard breaks have started to devour Sarah Waters' Fingersmith ... have only read the first two chapters, but can already assure Tipping the Velvet fans that the author is definitely NOT a one hit wonder ... I can hardly wait to read what happens next! Next on the pile is Tom Holt's newest novel, In Your Dreams (the sequel to last year's hilarious The Portable Door). Also need to get back to work on Semmie's fuzzy nightshirt before winter REALLY hits! Hmmm ... mebbe I'll just skip sleeping this weekend, so I can cram it ALL in!!!!!
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