September 25th, 2004


I LOVE surprising people!!!!

And the look on anotheranon's face when I answered the door was absolutely priceless ... VERY sorry that we didn't have a film crew hiding in the impatiens so the the moment could be properly recorded (and played over and over and over ...)

Casa Gigi'n'Mikey HIGHLY recommended as a vacation spot ... hosts who do their very bestest to spoil you rotten (this is my first face-to-face meeting with Mike ... definitely gold star material!), affectionate resident fuzzballs (I'm very glad to have had the chance to make Billy's acquaintance before the end ... he was the consummate feline gentleman), plus one elusive shadow who will cautiously sniff and rub against fingers if she thinks you can't see her doing it. ;-) And a fabulous garden/mini-wilderness in prime view through the living room window, jampacked with chipmunks, squirrels, chickadees, cardinals, mourning doves and other feathered flitterers. A beautiful and perfect place (and company) with which to unlax. :-))))))))))))

Have enjoyed much good food, excellent nattering and some silly movies ... ***happy relaxed sigh*** Can't wait for hadesgirl's and mjpg's NEXT social event ... consider me already affirmatively R.S.V.P.d :-))))))
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The Librarian

Since I'm currently in ..

... what seems to be the squirrel capital of North America, I thought I'd better check a meme to see how things would turn out. I think I'll sleep with the lights on tonight ... =O

Your Place in the Squirrel Empire
by silent_five
Shoe size
Your Fate once the Squirrels Take OverDouble Agent for the Penguins
Date of Eventual Sacrifice to Squirrel GodsSeptember 15, 2050
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