September 6th, 2004

The Librarian

Monday meme from tommdroid

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5. writing (5) 15. goth music (3)
6. books (4) 16. movies (3)
7. farscape (4) 17. monty python (3)
8. mythology (4) 18. fanfic (3)
9. cats (4) 19. anthropology (3)
10. art (4) 20. roleplaying (3)
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I have ...

... a TON of notes, about books from work, sitting on my desk and waiting to be put into a "Cataloguer's Desktop" column, but, since I'm feeling lazy, I'll just post another treasure that has come up in my own personal cataloguing project.

Thorne Smith had a short life (1892-1934), but he produced some delightful novels during that time. Topper (1926) is the best-known, since the film version was an early starring role for Cary Grant (if you've never seen this, track it down! If only to see Roland Young's incredible drunken walk across a lobby, supported by two invisible ghosts!)

Tonight's rarer goody is The Bishop's Jaegers, published in 1932 ... less-known, but just as worthwhile a read ... a wonderfully silly and strange castaway story that is a prime example of Smith's talent for putting odd characters in bizarre situations and ending up with a "just-one-more-page" book.

Someday I'll get my grubby little paws on more Thorne Smith ... meanwhile I'm happy to have acquired these two. :-)