September 2nd, 2004


Just received this invitation in my e-mail ...

... sadly, I can't attend (I'm one of the supporters outside central Alberta and even THIS film doesn't warrant a 3.5-4 hour drive on one of the province's nastiest highways), but am glad to see that death and resurrection of CKUA (which just celebrated its 75th anniversary) has merited this documentary ... the slogan "radio worth fighting for" is an understatement, if anything. :-))))

You are Invited to the Film Premiere of Radio Worth Fighting For!

A documentary film that tells the story of CKUA was recently produced by Alberta filmmakers Lorna Thomas and Lisa Miller. The documentary Radio Worth Fighting For tells the CKUA story by interweaving three themes: The History of the station, The Fight to get CKUA back on the air after it was shutdown in 1997, and The Music played on CKUA, including commentary by many famous musicians. Read more...

To celebrate the completion of the film, the CKUA Radio Network, the producers and writer Geo Takach are planning a premiere screening of this documentary at the Francis Winspear Centre for Music in Edmonton on Monday, September 20, 2004 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Almost two thirds of CKUA’s annual budget now comes from donors in Alberta, across Canada and around the world who tune in to this unique station via the radio or the Internet. To recognize this, most of the 1400 available tickets for the Film Premiere have been set aside for you, our loyal supporters. Please join producers Lorna Thomas and Lisa Miller, along with CKUA’s Board of Directors, on-air announcers, behind the scenes staff and many volunteers to celebrate the launch of this film. The evening will also feature the live music of Bill Bourne, Christine Hanson, Shannon Johnson and Lionel Rault.

Please note that tickets are limited to two per donor, and will be sent by mail on a first come – first served basis. Your early response will ensure your success in obtaining these complimentary tickets.

For tickets to the Film Premiere of Radio Worth Fighting For, please click here.

We understand and appreciate that many of our donors outside of the central Alberta area will not be able to attend this event. It is our hope that you will plan to see the film when it is televised nationally on BRAVO in the fall/winter of 2004-05. CKUA will keep you posted via this newsletter with the specific date and time. The documentary will also be broadcast on ACCESS, Book TV, and SCN in the fall of 2005. A special DVD edition of the documentary containing extended footage and interviews will soon be available for purchase at

Ken Regan
General Manager
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Just had my yearly "checkup" phone call from the phone company (Telus) and have walked away with a reduction in my long distance rates!!!! Seven cents a minute, 24/7, for Canada and the U.S. Not just North America either ... according to the rep (who is probably STILL trying to recover from the case of the giggles that I gave him; I LOVE doing that to phone reps ***EVIL grin***), it will now only cost me nine cents a minute to call Sweden, should I choose to do so (as long as I call a residential line ... calling a cell phone will cost me a fortune).

Sometimes it DOES pay to NOT be too busy to talk to telemarketer-types!!!!
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