September 1st, 2004


Plugging away ...

... diligently on transferring my book data from the old software to the new. Having much fun rediscovering goodies ... not that I didn't know I had them, but they've been neglected for a while.

Some are old and enduringly favourite short stories, like Theodore Sturgeon's unusual ghost tale Shottle Bop ("we sell bottles with things in them") ... the tale of a man who gains the ability to see ghosts, only to find that the ghosts can't see him. And the delightful Nothing in the Rules, by L. Sprague de Camp, in which the manager of a losing women's swim team recruits a mermaid to his line-up, not realizing that the fresh water of the swimming pool is like alcohol to the ocean-dwelling Iantha ***grin***

And then there's the Thieves' World anthologies; I've got a complete set, all 12 volumes; I devoured each annual volume as it was published and have dipped into them many times to re-savour individual stories, but I really MUST sit down sometime and re-read the whole saga from beginning to end. Ditto for Ian Fleming's James Bond novels (again, a complete set) ... an in-order blitz is definitely overdue ... after all, the reason that I hunted down every last title was so that I COULD read 'em in order and follow the changes in Bond's life and personality. :P

And there's more. Much more. I seriously need more hours in the day (no, better still, I need several days in each hour) ... it's hard enough keeping up with NEW books, without making time for the old ones! ***whimper***
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