August 14th, 2004


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Have survived another Saturday in the Calgary traffic wars ***grin***. The mission was to visit the northside A&B, a place I've avoided for a while because it was impossible to find anything while they were renovating. The place was looking like a store again, although I suspect that some of the people restocking the shelves failed basic ABCs ***grin***.

Treasures gained:

The Crying Game ... I've been meaning to buy this for a long time, but kept getting sidetracked by other goodies. Love Miranda Richardson in anything and I remember the fun when this film was first released, with only about 6 guys on the planet willing to admit that they'd been "fooled". Plus it was on sale for $10.00 :P
Tipping the Velvet is a British mini-series I'd heard good things about ... was reminded of it by a post in an LJ community yesterday and was in luck today.
The greatest find of all was The Raggedy Rawney, a quirky little Bob Hoskins film (Bob Hoskins, as I recall from a long-ago interview, used his pay from Roger Rabbit to make this odd little film). The IMDB description is wrong on one point ... the story is not set in WW2. The war and the country are both mythical and unnamed, just a setting for this piece of Romany folklore.

Stopped off at Fair's Fair on the way home and picked up John Douglas' Mindhunter (this is a recommended book if you want to know how the original FBI Profiler unit was formed ... the character of Jodi Foster's boss in "The Silence of the Lambs" was based on Douglas) and Special Cases : natural anomalies and historical monsters by Rosamond Purcell, as well as a couple of Ron Goulart "fluff SF" paperbacks.

And now I'm home, in comfy clothes (you all know, the ratty ones that you can't wear in public ***grin***), playing with new toys and smelling the heavenly torture of duck roasting in the oven (other great discovery of the week ... all the regular grocery stores charge $25.00+ for a duck, but the Real Canadian Superstore sells 'em for $7.00-$8.00. Which is VERY nice because I LOVE duck. :-))))))
The Librarian

Welcome to the 21st Century ... "... so long as you both shall live ..."

In the August issue of Outlooks:

"A lesbian couple in Toronto ... has sued for divorce, only to find that, while the nation's matrimonial laws may be several different stripes of higgeldy-piggeldy, the divorce act of our nation is quite clear, stating as it does that a divorce can only end a union between one man and one woman, or words to that effect."

(Canada's divorce act has now been scheduled for court review, beginning September 13, 2004 ***grin***)
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