August 9th, 2004

The Librarian

Grumblegrumblegrumblegrumble ... ***smile***

On the grumble side: On Friday afternoon our active (and allegedly corrupted) database was rebuilt and reinstalled for the third time in a one-month period. This afternoon the system once again froze solid and everybody had to bail out so that we could restart it. I really REALLY hope the G.M. is gonna carry through on her promise to not renew the contract with our current company (expires in mid-September) and we go with somebody new ... this is getting ridiculous.

On the smile side: One of the Liberty Meadows hardcover books that I ordered through work was delivered my desk today, so Brandy, Frank, and all the Liberty Meadows Animal Sanctuary inhabitants are doing their best to cheer me up with their insane adventures tonight. And doing a damned fine job of it, too! :-))))))
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