August 6th, 2004


Food and other fun!!!

Took this afternoon off and went with a friend to Calgary's Eau Claire Market to attend the "Taste of Calgary" festival. Little tents set up all over the place, each one manned by staff from a different Calgary restaurant. For $9.00, one gets 15 "sample tickets", then one wanders around, checks out the menu boards on each tent, and trades ones tickets for tasty sample portions of goodies. Sort of a do-it-yourself outdoor buffet and an excellent way to try out something that's always intrigued you on a menu, but you didn't want to commit to full price and a full plate.

Bestest treat of the day: a huge wedge of fresh pineapple, marinated in rum and coconut, then grilled and served on a skewer. EXTREMELY NUMMY!!!!!! :-)))))

Afterward, we wandered down to the neighbourhood of the two big fabric stores that I frequent; G. wants to buy a new sewing machine (and I needed some more bobbins ... there's no such thing as ENOUGH bobbins!), and we knew there was a sewing machine place in there. What a surprise!!!! Looks like a small shop on the outside ... walk in and the place is huge, selling 50+ makes/models of sewing machines, PLUS half of the place is a fabric store!!!!! That makes 3 of 'em on that block!!!! Bonus discovery: that fabric dealer from the quilt show is NOT the only Alberta source for Balinese batiked flannelettes ... they had a good selection in stock. Plus bolts and bolts of other pretties!!!!!

***sigh*** So many things I want to do and just not enough days in my hours ...
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