July 19th, 2004


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Specialized food/drink histories that are fun to read appear to be a growing trend. The latest to cross my path is Tim Ecott's Vanilla : travels in search of the ice cream orchid. As a lover of the flavour of REAL vanilla, I've made sure to put a hold on the public library's copy. :-))))

Gorgeous photography by Jean-Baptiste Huynh is being published in a series of books combining portraits and still-lifes. I've catalogued Japon and Mali so far; each book alternates portraits of a country's inhabitants, ranging from infancy to old age, with images of local artifacts.

And a giggle from one of today's books; didn't think a text on money laundering would get anybody here too excited, but one footnote DID grab my attention. At the end of a section on the motivations of Islamic Fundamentalist suicide bombers/hijackers, the author mentions the fact that they are promised that in heaven they will be rewarded with forty virgins "who will service their every whim". The footnote: "This is something that I find confusing. Instead of virgins, if you had a choice, wouldn't you ask for chicks with experience?"

Mounties (the author is a retired RCMP Commissioner) DO have the best sense of humour!!!! ***GRIN****
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