July 17th, 2004

The Librarian


Home from the final-weekend-of-Calgary-Stampede traffic!!!! Thermometer says it's 35C (that's 95F) out there and we haven't even reached the hottest part of the day yet (up here, the daily high occurs 'round 3:30 p.m.). Have now confirmed that picking the east-facing apartment was a VERY GOOD THING. tommdroid, I'd be delighted to mail you some Celsius. :P

Replenished supplies of foods that require little or no cooking, picked up my Marilyn Monroe LP-to-CD conversion :-)))))) and the 5th season Babylon 5 DVDs. Which means at some point this weekend, I'll likely settle down with a box of tissues and sniffle my way through Sleeping in Light (I can always cheer myself up afterwards with the Garibaldi approach to corporate management ... always LOVED that idea of putting all the company troublemakers/complainers in charge ***grin***)
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Goodies from the new issue of Threads (http://www.taunton.com/threads/index.asp)

LFN Textiles deals in lovely woven ribbons that look like miniature tapestries. The "what's new" section illustrates ribbon uses and embellishments.

Creative Impressions has taken eyelets into new shapes and colours. Lots of other goodies as well.

Endless Designs has also reshaped the eyelet (LOVE the snowflakes!) ... just scroll down to the "e" section of the catalogue.

Hero Arts is home to some of the world's tiniest buttons.

And for those who want to fasten their clothes without having to use a magnifying glass, there's Cartwright's Sequins and Vintage Buttons ... LOVE the frog sequence buttons!
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