July 8th, 2004


Even better than national health care!!!! :-))))))

Yet another reason for loving living in this country. On the long weekend I was listening to a lot of old cassettes, renewing my acquaintance with stuff I hadn't listened to for a long time (and stacking the ones that still appeal in a "try to get CD" pile). Discovered that sections of a couple of Lee Aaron tapes were badly oxidized/stretched ... not happy news since they're good workout music (the beat is just right for weight training, IMHO). So on Monday night I dip into the Internet to see what I can do about 'em. No hits at A&B Sound. Google for info and find official Lee Aaron site and official fan site. Both say that, due to various recording company mergers, bankruptcies, etc., NONE of the old stuff is available any more ... only the new jazz albums. ***POUT*** Then I take a look in good ol' Chapters/Indigo (veterans of the Toronto gathering will remember it as the huge bookstore with the Canadian wall of fame) ... both allegedly unavailable CDs are in stock. Both ship in 24 hours. Both cheaply priced at $11.99. And tonight they were in my mailbox. :-)))) Had a similar situation with Keith Hartman's first Atlanta SF book a while back ... was allegedly not available commercially due to author fight with publisher ... all copies yanked from all distributors and could only be ordered directly from Hartman (with attendent pain-in-the-ass exchange rates/futzing with cheques or money orders/etc. True for the U.S. ... but Amazon.ca had copies in stock.

There's a reason that this happens ... it's just too damned much hassle and paperwork for Canadian distributors to return discontinued stock across the border. So they keep it. Look north when you're seeking odd treasures ... it's likely here and on sale ***grin***
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