July 2nd, 2004

The Librarian

Forget ...

... conspiracy theories about Bush and Saud and stuff like that ... what is it with this city and flash thunderstorms on Fridays??? Last week I got caught in a parking lot while shopping and soaked. Today the sun is shining, the sky is blue. Go to the hairdresser. When I leave, all is still shining and blue. Go to Ikea. Leave Ikea an hour later, foolishly forgetting to check sky. BOOOM!!!!! Instant soaking. I'm just glad Jon didn't see it ... he'd happily experimented on my hair for ages today and I'd departed with a hairdo nearly identical to Semmie's (those of you who've seen my unruly mop will know what an accomplishment THAT was). By the time I was on the street, it was flooded ... sidestreets that had a slight elevation had water pouring down 'em the way a flash flood pours down a dry canyon. Drifts of marble-sized hailstones everywhere, included the hood of my car. Traffic lights knocked out or on emergency flash everywhere. Eventually and slowly make my way home ... and everything is bone dry. SHEEESH!!!!!

Ah well, I think after the fun of driving through streets with a foot of water in them and peeling off clammy clothes, I've MORE than earned pizza ***2 minute timeout*** WOW!!!!! A new speed record for delivery ... Panago just delivered in 15 minutes!!!!! In Friday night rush hour traffic!!!! TIME TO EAT!!!!!!!!!
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