June 28th, 2004

The Librarian

The right to gripe (and other odds and ends)

Have just come home from being a responsible Canuck and earning my right to complain about the government for the next however-many years. (Note to the puzzled: Canada's elected officials can serve a term lasting up to five years and an election may be called any time within that five year period. Our last federal election was in November 2000. Also, this time 'round, Canada's rules about not revealing election results in a province until after the polls have closed have been changed ... for the first time, results are being posted nationally as they come in). A lovely day for a stroll to the polls ... our first hot day of the year!!!!! Maybe we ARE going to get summer after all!!!!!!! :-))))))))))))

Triggered by a response I posted to tommdroid and since CDs And More is on the way to the polling station, I took along my Marilyn Monroe LP to be dubbed onto CD ... yet another treasure that I'll be able to listen to again!

And now off to see what I can put together for supper without too much effort ...
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The Librarian

Things I wish would be released on DVD ...

... (just in case somebody in the business happens across this journal ***extremely optimistic expression***)

Laura: 'cause I know who did it and why and I can still watch it over and over and over ...

Robinson Crusoe on Mars: despite the corny title, the first half is an incredible depiction of the effects of isolation ... the scene where Paul Mantee is hallucinating that his dead co-astronaut has come to "visit" him is beyond creepy. (yeah, the second half is rather silly, but that's what the "stop" button is for. And it grows on ya after a while).

After the Thin Man: and all the rest of the Thin Man movies as well ... I adore William Powell and when he's teamed with Myrna Loy, he transcends adorable.

Libeled Lady: while I'm wishing for Powell and Loy, why not wish for Powell and Loy teamed up with Spencer Tracy and Jean Harlow?

Medicine River: half an hour into this made-for-TV movie, I got off the couch and sat on the floor, on the theory that I was less likely to injure myself when I fell over laughing. Tom Jackson as a conman and Graham Greene as his bewildered straight man ... BRILLIANT!!!!! (the original novel by Thomas King is also a must-read)

Sex and Chocolate: one of the, if you'll pardon the term, sweetest (as well as charming and believable) romances I've ever seen.

I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I hit "Update Journal", but these will do nicely to start with.