June 20th, 2004

The Librarian

Just got home ...

... from seeing Hidalgo; yeah, I know I'm a late viewer but there's something to be said for the local second-run theatre's $3.00 admission versus the first-run $11.00 price tag ***cheap grin*** (which I'll shell out to see the new Harry Potter in the next week or so). Anyhoo ... loved it, even though had the impression, from time to time, that Viggo Mortenson was working very hard to suppress the giggles (don't blame him if he was ... some of the dialogue WAS a tad on the corny side ***chuckles***). Newly-learned Viggo trivia ... "he is a fan of the movie parodies found in Mad magazine -- not least when they are poking fun at his own acting roles." Now THAT is exceptional self-esteem in an actor! :-))))

The Wounded Knee scenes at the beginning of the film were heartbreaking, but it was heartening to see that the trigger events were portrayed accurately, including the deaf warrior. Over the last decade I've noticed a growing trend for historical films to portray fact, rather than legend/popular belief, and that is, IMHO, a VERY good thing ... especially since so many people believe the "history" they see in the movies (can't blame them since it's usually far more interesting than the average history textbook).

UPDATE: Decided to do a little further research and, according to articles in the Arab news (1), (2) (and many other sources, including The Long Riders Guild), it looks as though Wounded Knee is the ONLY true historic event in this film. ***sighs for lost temporary hopes*** Which makes Disney's sales of school education packets based on this "saga" extremely frightening.

Ah well, as a work of FICTION, it was an enjoyable movie.

Off to Tim Horton's after the show to get an IceCap (the nickname of Tim's excellent iced cappuccino); standing in line behind a cop (forget the doughnut stereotypes ... all he ordered was coffee) and was glad to see his astonishment, followed by a surprised big grin when, as he was handing over his money, the cashier told him there was no charge for police today (MUCH more encouraging than seeing somebody in uniform EXPECT this kind of treatment; that small event told me more good things about the local law enforcement than a zillion brochures and Websites could).

And now at home, listening to good music and planning to dive back into Perez-Reverte's The Nautical Chart ... nowhere near as gripping as his earlier "The Club Dumas" or "The Flanders Panel", but I still wanna see how it ends.
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