June 4th, 2004

The Librarian

Wearing airbags

You know me ... a mental compost heap. Which means that when Tommen mentioned wearing a airbag to work, I knew a relevant song! :p It comes in two parts and I've loaded them into my Yahoo Briefcase (if you're on my LJ friends list and I have a Yahoo ident for you, you've been added to my briefcase friends, so there shouldn't be any access problems ... if there are, yell. And if you've wandered here via your own friends list and are curious, ask and I'll add you). The two tracks are in the Christine Lavin folder (feel free to sample the comedy folder too, if you wish) and should be listened to in order: Doris & Edwin: the Movie first, followed by Doris & Edwin2. Enjoy!!!

ADDENDUM: As the evening wears on and my brain slowly reverts from pudding to something resembling thinking-tissue, I realize that I should mention that the airbag gag IS in there ... but ya gotta listen all the way to the very very alternate end! (and it won't make sense unless you listen to the whole thing)
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