May 24th, 2004

The Librarian


Mmmmm ... nothing like a long weekend ... especially the bit where the body jerks awake, thinking that it's supposed to be up and on the way to work, and ends up being surprised by staying curled up under the covers with a good book (bedside reading, for me, always consists of old favourites being reread ... new books reside in the living room, where they can't lure me into turning pages all night when I have to go to the office in the morning :P ... currently I'm renewing my friendship with Tom Holt's Faust Among Equals) ... now lazily up and showered and LO AND BEHOLD, the sun has finally put in an appearance for Victoria Day!!!!! After snow and rain all day Saturday and general gloom and darkness all day Sunday, this is a very welcome sight!!!!!!

UPDATE: Well, the sun didn't last long. Twenty minutes ago huge wind gusts created the optical illusion of wet snow coming down (a rush to the window and closer inspection revealed that it was really all the catkins being whipped out of the birch trees, but they're so light-coloured and were moving so fast, to the casual glance it looked more like sleet globs flying past). This followed by rain ... and now, as I type this, I look up and the sun's out again. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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