May 22nd, 2004

The Librarian

So far so good ...

Have cautiously peeked out the window ... NO WHITE STUFF!!!!!!! Looks as if the clouds elected to rain on us all night instead. I can live with that ... southern Alberta has been suffering from drought conditions for several years and we need all the moisture we can get (rain gets a chance to soak into the ground where it can do something useful; snow sits on top and gets evaporated by the dry wind before it can melt). Sky is a uniform shade of gray and temperature is a balmy +5C, so more precipitation in the offing. A good morning for sampling maple breakfast sausages from local butcher. :-)))))))))))))))))))

12:05 p.m. update: It's @#$%^&*#%$#$^$@%@%#@%#^@#!##$^%%$^&#@$ SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Librarian

More comic strip weirdness ...

... for a surreal experience, try a visit to Liberty Meadows (yeah, I know today's strip looks like a conventional drama thing, but looks are deceiving ... the current plot involves a heroic doppelganger from a parallel universe, named "Ace" ***grin***). This strip definitely qualifies as bizarre ... the background is a rehab clinic for talking animals ... biographies/explanations (if that's the word for it) of the characters here (won't allow a direct link ... click on the "Liberty Meadows" icon and then on "read more about your favourite character") and homepage with tons of backstrips and other goodies/links here (don't forget to click on the posing animals in the upper left corner!). Another one for my LJ links!

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Sick and twisted Canadian culture alert!!!!! Season one of Puppets Who Kill is due for imminent release on DVD!!!! It's dancing in the streets time!!!!! (cheaper at A&B Sound, but they rarely have pictures or reviews)
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