May 19th, 2004

The Librarian

I think I've caught ...

... anotheranon's brain delay syndrome ... I spent Monday thinking it was the 16th (and that "tomorrow is Semmie's birthday") ... today I caught myself entering edit dates of 040518 and had to go back and correct half this morning's work. I hope medical research finds a cure VERY soon ... Monday is a holiday up here and I don't want to be so confused that I show up for work or something. =O

In other news, after several years of belonging to my professional association's mentoring program, I've actually been assigned an "official" mentee!!!!!; up until now, I've always ended up finding my own or else they found me ... outside of the official channels. Here's hoping this ol' cataloguer can keep up with a shiny new L.T. graduate!

Also got a lovely warm fuzzy at work today; the G.M. handed me a printout of an e-mail she'd received from Calgary Public Library ... one of the cataloguers there had written to HER boss, asking her to tell Robin what a good job I was doing. That's the kind of thing that'll have a girl walking on air for weeks! :-))))))) Combine that with the praise my chopstick-handling technique got from an Asian-born co-worker last week and I'm in serious danger of swelled-head-itis. ;-)

While on the subject of work ... cataloguing for a public library continues to be mind-boggling ... exposure to all those books that an academic library wouldn't stock no matter HOW much you paid 'em (er ... well ... mebbe for a guaranteed perpetual $1 million per year book-buying grant). Today Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School brought much hilarity to our department. Took less than a minute to dig up the fact that, while the author is married, she is 39 with three children old enough to offer her title suggestions for the book ... somehow we got the feeling that the advice in this tome has not been personally tested. Gotta love these theoretical-type self-help writers ... ranks right up there with child rearing books written by the childless ***GRIN***
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The Librarian

Listening to ...

... the director of this play being interviewed on the radio right now ... scroll down and spot the names of the married-to-each-other characters and then you'll know what REALLY got me laughing (hope a certain couple are collecting royalties ***HUGE teasing grin***)
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