May 17th, 2004

The Librarian

More fun sites from the B.C. Lib. Tech.

PaperToys is a site chock full of free printable patterns for paper models of all kinds, including the Sydney Opera House, the Globe Theatre, and Bill Gates' house :P

Pastimes and Paradigms : the Games We Play is an exhibition of the evolution of games since 1800.

For those with a Frankenstein complex, Morphases lets you play plastic surgeon without all the messy blood, sutures and malpractice suits.

The Atlas of Canada's revamped site means that tommdroid no longer has an excuse for not knowing where I am. ***HUGE teasing grin***

Unusual Libraries is a reminder that the online catalogue and 24-hour return slot are not the norm everywhere.

Just for elf fans, the Orlando Bloom READ poster is the current top seller at the American Library Association's online store (their author series posters includes one of Neil Gaiman with his hair combed ... now THAT's gonna be a collector's item one day!!!!!)

And, just for giggles, The Dead Grandmother/Exam Syndrome and the Potential Downfall Of American Society, A tongue-in-cheek "academic" paper, complete with graphs and charts, based on the observation that "A student's grandmother is far more likely to die suddenly just before the student takes an exam, than at any other time of year." By a genetics professor, who reports his observations and offers some possible remedies for the problem. Originally published in The Connecticut Review, 1990, Eastern Connecticut State University.
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