April 24th, 2004

The Librarian

Am home safe and sound ...

... after venturing out into a city draped with Calgary Flames banners and flags and dodging drivers intent on the game being broadcast on their car radios (our city team is in the Stanley Cup, so the fans are in a bit of a tizzy and just about every store is broadcasting the game instead of the usual muzak). Had to head north this morning so my hairdresser could do a repair job ... looked fine after last Saturday's session, but the poor boy misread his wife's instructions and didn't apply permanent colour. :p Looked like a puppy expecting to get swatted when he 'fessed up and asked how soon I could come back and then kept thanking me today because I DID come back; as far as I'm concerned, somebody who admits to and fixes their booboos provides a far superior service than someone who keeps quiet and hopes you don't notice, and I made sure he knew that. I'll keep coming back ... John and Nancy are too much fun not to visit. :-) 'sides, I had to write an apology to a customer this week 'cause one of the cataloguers missed an instruction the specs and didn't put barcodes on their books, so this pot can hardly start criticising kettles ... we're all human when we aren't kitchenware ***chuckles***.

Since I was up in that end of the city anyway, cruised over to the big A&B and now am the happy mommy of the new Sweeney Todd DVD ***happy HAPPY dances*** and a boxed set of the second half of season four of Lexx; all the episodes from "769" to "Yo Way Yo". The set is finally COMPLETE!!!!! What's left on the shopping list: season two of Cracker, newly released season five of Babylon 5, and seasons two and three of Wodehouse Playhouse
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