April 20th, 2004

The Librarian

A Depp role?

Yesterday I posted a link to Thomas Blood as part of a response to anotheranon's comment on my "Pyrates" post.

Today, part of my mind was wandering gaily through the mental daisy fields today (in self-defense; the rest of my mind was busily cursing Cisco Systems for not depositing their new publications with the Library of Congress in a timely manner, thus forcing me to read far more manual than I wanted to to try and figure out what their systems actually DO) and, as often happens when it wanders, came up with a very nice notion. If somebody ever DOES make a film of this wonderful book, Johnny Depp would make a perfect Colonel Thomas Blood; have talked in the past with other Lexx fiends about Michael McManus playing the role, but Mr. Depp would do a FAR better job of it.

Just imagine this scene from the end of the book, with the more villainous villains defeated (once you've cast a Ken doll as avery ***grin***) ... and the fun Johnny Depp would be having playing the outraged Irish conman.

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