April 14th, 2004

The Librarian

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose

The recent post on anotheranon's LJ about the new "War on Porn" motivated me to actually sit down and transcribe the lyrics to this song ... if it was in sharable form, I'd share, but all I have is a rather fuzzy tape courtesy of my brother-in-law (how appropriate), who borrowed LPs from his parents and mine to make copies for family posterity (and, presumably, so his own kids would grow up know these and other marvelous lyrics).

This song is from the Brothers-In-Law album "The Pill" (the title song is a celebration of the invention of the birth control pill), released in the latter half of the sixties. Bear in mind that this little ditty was composed and performed by a couple of cops and a high school teacher ... they KNOW what's good for us ***grin***

The Man From S.A.C.O.N.

There's an element that's active in this country
And they're trying to get a foot inside the door
They make dirty movie scenes
They sell smutty magazines
And they're trying to corrupt us to the core

But we're the Self Appointed Censors Of the Nation
And we're pledged to fight our neverending fight
We just love to get our hooks
Into pornographic books
And we watch a dirty movie every night

I read Fanny Hill for purposes of research
For I thought it was the proper thing to do
Oh I studied all the topics
In Henry Miller's Tropics
And I know what Lady Chatterly went through

I'm sure that these are books that could corrupt me
If I got their contents planted in my head
Why I nearly got the staggers
When I read the Carpetbaggers
So I read 'em when the kids are all in bed

I'm the man you see patrolling 'bout the newstands
And I make them take the filth from all the shelves
I cut all the dirty scenes
Out of trashy magazines
And I keep them in the bedroom for myself

Now calendars are sometimes quite suggestive
And they print them at a horrifying rate
Think I'll pick up one or two
And I'll keep 'em there on view
But it's only so I'll always know the date

Now motion pictures can be very vicious
For there's something pornographic in them all
Oh they like to call it art
I cut out the dirty part
And I've got examples on the bathroom wall

Now there's licentious movies made for little children
And if I had my way I'd ban the lot
Why that filthy Yogi Bear
Has got nothing on but fur
And I know Snow White was just a little ... WHAT???!!!!


It's a blessing that we're here to save the country
For we hate to see your morals start to sink
So just follow right along
For it won't be very long
Till we try to tell you how you've got to think



(remember, these are copyrighted lyrics ... if you share 'em, give credit to the guys who wrote 'em, okay?)
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