February 22nd, 2004

The Librarian

Just came home ...

... from a delightful afternoon at the movie theatre. Went with some new Calgary friends to see Love Actually and it is definitely on my must-purchase-the-second-it's-released-on-DVD list. I love Brit movies. I love movies that portray people as real people, with flaws and foibles as well as love and optimism and grace. I love comedy that isn't based on insults and putdowns. Combine these things and JLS is very happy indeed. Am still giggling over Hugh Grant dancing his way through Number 10 Downing Street (a scene that rivals a certain "happy hacker dance" ***grin***). And LOVE the story thread of the rather sweet shy couple who meet through their jobs as body doubles for movie sex scenes ... that one is strange enough to have happened in RL!!!!!

If you haven't seen it, do!!!