February 3rd, 2004

The Librarian


School's out early today!!!! ULS staff spent yesterday and the first half of this morning doing the yearend inventory of the warehouse (DAMN, we have a LOT of books!!!!) ... at noon the auditor announced that she could find no errors and so, as a reward, the company gave the staff the rest of the day off!!! Plus, auditor brought three fancy insulated flasks with carrying cases as inventory team draw gifts and I won one of them! Just waiting for the noon hour traffic to clear, then off to extend my wardrobe (never did get in the mood for that on the weekend).

Have happily realized that it's now possible for me to buy or knit actual sweaters ... I know this'll sound insane to people from warmer climes, but I've always found 'em too warm for office wear,(which was too bad, 'cause I do enjoy knitting and there's so many fantastic yarns available ... now I have an excuse to dust off all those Kaffe Fassett and Rowan Yarns books :-)))))
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The Librarian

WHEEEE!!!! part 2

Had a happy afternoon exploring large local fabric shop and now possess lightweight black fleece patterned with white snowflakes (highlighted with bright jewel colours) to make cozy new top.

Treasure at A&B ... came home with marked down DVD of BBC's "Walking With Cavemen" (already have "Walking With Dinosaurs" and "Walking With Prehistoric Beasts") series PLUS newly released 1st season DVD of 'Allo 'Allo ... the adventures of René Artois, the sexiest man in WWII France. Lots of silliness, Brit-style, to look forward to tonight!
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