January 15th, 2004

The Librarian

Canadian television oddities

Wandered into Winners (a clothing/household goods liquidation chain) today on a sock-purchasing expedition (the clothing there is usually shoddily made synthetic, but they DO carry, for some reason, high-quality, often designer, socks) ... ANYHOW, I always check the book rack on the rare occasions that I visit, because I've occasionally found treasures there(and a $50.00 book on sale for $5.99 is not to be sneezed at) ... today was no exception. Found was a copy of "TV North", an encyclopaedia and history of, you guessed it, Canadian television. The reason I'm so pleased is that most books on Canadian television tend to concentrate on the almighty CBC and ignore all the shows on the fringes ... this book includes Lexx (this is the FIRST Canuck TV book I've come across that wasn't sadly lacking in the "L" section of the index) and many other obscure programs, one of which is a favourite from my childhood: "The Hilarious House of Frightenstein". Yeah, I confess it, I was a Frightenstein kid. And MY parents LET me watch it!!!! :-))))))) For the curious (and those trying to figure out just what kind of a childhood I had), here's the "official" description:

Collapse )

***happy sigh*** Ain't nuthin' like happy childhood memories ***now looking up "Chez Helene" to see whether Suzette the Mouse was really French ...***

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