October 17th, 2003

The Librarian

Is it the mating season for squirrels?

Must look that up (most of my life has been spent in squirrel-free zones, so I have no idea). Hearing the most bizarre sounds outside ... one fuzzytail making sounds like clucking hen in top of tree (which is what REALLY got my attention ... chickens in Calgary? in Cowtown?) and other is making squawking sounds like slightly squished magpie and trying to approach top of tree ... very agitated and much tail jerking while squawking.

Very very strange.

In lieu of sensible explanations from resident rodents, will bravely venture out into Friday night rush hour traffic and purchase 2nd "Vicar of Dibley" DVD, now that a payday has passed, and see if Mr. Depp's little performance is on there ... if so, foresee much fun torturing Depp-droolers ***evil EVIL grin***
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    Squirrel duet