October 16th, 2003

The Librarian

Funny things DO happen on the way to the Forum!

FINALLY got my LP to CD conversion of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" tonight ... WONDERFUL to hear Frankie Howerd performing Pseudolus again (yes, I confess it ... my parents were Britophiles and I was raised on Carry On movies, Monty Python, and mucho other British TV and film ... explains a lot, doesn't it?). Can hear a bit of the staticky [sp.?] scratchiness of the LP on the CD, but that just adds to the experience; aside from that unavoidable thing the transfer is excellent. Lovely clear scan of the album cover to make a CD cover (Pseudolus surrounded by Lycus' courtesans and looking very happy about it). Now if only they'd remake the film adaptation and put all the songs back in!

Have already picked out the next lucky album for conversion: soundtrack of the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore Broadway performance of "Good Evening." :-)
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