September 7th, 2003

The Librarian

Let there be light!!!!

Justifiable pleased with myself. Ventured through the mean Saturday streets of Calgary to IKEA (I love the store, but it has the WORST road approach from this direction, with the C-trains halting traffic continually ... I cheated and drove all the way up to the Trans-Canada Highway, just so I could come at it from the north instead) and, wonder of wonders, have managed to cobble together a new livingroom lighting system for next to nothing!

Tiny charcoal-coloured clamp-on spots for $5.00 apiece!!!! Fasten to tops of dark gray bookcases, plug all into already-owned IKEA dimmer switch, hide hideous tangle of cords and plugs required to connect all this at back of bookcases, behind ornaments [and give thanks that bookcases are so tall ;-)] and voila!!!! Directional, level-adjustable lighting system that does not require endtables, cords trailing across floor, or any of the other inconveniences usually associated with trying to see what you're doing in a livingroom [swore long ago that if ever got hands on time machine, was gonna track down individual responsible for declaring that livingrooms shall never have built in overhead lights and strangle he/she at birth!!!] and all operated with one little slide-switch. Now that I know it works and is bright enough, will have to someday go back and get more lights for other side of room (and another bookcase or two ... there's ROOM for more!!!!)
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    Stompin' Tom and the Hockey Song [well, I AM Canadian ;-)]